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Stephanie's Avian Ark Residents.
All of my birds are extreamly photogenic. I am always taking pictures of my birds. Here you will be able to view pictures of my breeders, pets, past and present babies. The birds shown will be either my pet goffin cockatoo chi chi, Indian ringneck breeders, Moustache breeders, or cockatiel breeders, and babies of all of the above. Hope you enjoy.

Chi-chi (my goffin) taking a spray bath.

chi-chi still taking that bath. =)

chi-chi getting wet. =)

Chi-chi showing off, soaking wet. lol

A pile of moustache and ringneck babies. All are about two weeks old.

Look at those fuzzy butts =) (Moustache keet and blue ringneck.)

Moustache and albino ringneck

Albino ringneck babies

Moustache baby getting pin feathers!

Hey! look at my wings!! Pretty soon I'll be soaring the skies.=)

Great....I've got a five o'clock shadow and a uni-brow. Why do they call us moustaches anyway. lol

My good side....

My other good side....

Blue and albino ringneck babies showing their pretty feathers.

Hmmm what is that?

Ready for my close up!

Hey, you can see my ring!

Sassy amongst the desk mess. =)

Albino Indian Ringneck, pearl posing for the camera.

Blue and Albino Indian Ringnecks.

Blue Indian Ringnecks. After a hard day of playing, they catch a few winks.

Young Blue Indian Ringneck

Young Cinnamon pearl pied white face Cockatiel. Daughter of Pegasus and Zorro.

Young Cinnamon pied white face Cockatiel. Son of pegasus and zorro.

Young Cinnamon pearl pied White face Cockatiel. Daughter of pegasus and zorro.

Young grey pied White face Cockatiel. Son of pegasus and zorro.

This is Pegasus. My first white face cockaitiel. She is a beautiful white face cinnamon pied. She is an excellent mother yet still is just as friendly as she was when she was a baby. She is paired up with Zorro.

This is Zorro, he is a white face grey pearl pied. He is a fabulous father and very friendly. He is paired with pegasus.

Another of Zorro when he was a youngster.

Young white face grey pied cockatiel son of pegasus and zorro.