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These are a few of my favorite pictures. Hope you enjoy them. =)

Male Moustache Parakeet
This is my male moustache named Elvis. He is such a clown and loves to talk to me when I'm in the bird room. He is a gorgeous bird that will talk and play the day away. He is a very good daddy and his favorite thing to do is stick his head in the nest box and talk to molly (his mate)when she is sitting on eggs. His voice echos and it always makes me laugh. =)
Elvis getting ready for his close up
Here is Elvis again, showing off his handsome colors. If you look closely, you can see molly in the background. She is much more camera shy than elvis and leaves the spot light to him.
Close up of Elvis and Molly
Here is a lovely picture of elvis and molly together. They are excellent parents and such fun birds to watch.
A very cute picture of baby White Bellied Caiques
Here are three white bellied caiques. They are just too cute for words. I can just picture the trouble they are thinking of getting into. ;)
Sassy, my young female moustache parakeet.
This is Sassy one of the female moustaches I kept from last years clutch. She is exactly what her name implies. She is fiesty and full of spunk, I swear she thinks that she is seven feet tall and weighs four hundred pounds, sassy is not afraid of any of my other larger birds and will even stand her ground against our dog. She is full of energy and plays as hard as she can every single day. Her motto is "Destroy as many toys as you can before the day is over!!!" She is a great bird to watch and will allow you to pick her up, however, she doesn't like being petted. She will, however, let you lavish her with kisses.
Black Headed Caique.
Just as cute as it's cousin the white bellied caique. I find both "colors" of caique to be cartoonishly colored and all around great birds. They are everything I like in a bird all rolled into one. Just like potato chips, you can't just have one. =)
Baby Black Headed Caique
A young Black Headed caique taking it's first flight. Go baby Go!