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Here are pictures of all of my cockatiels. Breeders and babies.


This is a picture of Pegasus. a.k.a peggy-sue. She was my first white face cockatiel. I bought her when she was a baby. She is a beautiful white face cinnamon pied that is as sweet as pie. I later paired her up with Zorro and she is an excellent mother. She will let me inspect the nest and her babies while she is in the box. She sits on her eggs tight and feeds the babies around the clock. What a wonderful bird.

This is Zorro's baby picture. He is a white face grey pearl pied. He is such a sweetheart and is head over tail in love with pegasus. He will seranade her while she is sitting on her eggs and feed her so she doesn't have to leave them. When the babies hatch, he takes turns feeding them and singing them sweet lullabys. I couldn't ask for a better bird.
Pegasus and zorro's first babies
This is a picture of Pegasus and Zorro's first babies. They are cute cotton ball look a likes. This picture was taken when they were four days old. Zorro and pegasus were very good parents and before i knew it the babies were ready to be pulled for handfeeding.
Pegasus and zorro's babies all grown up
Here are the same babies in the above picture. In this picture they are four weeks old. Both are very curious and love to be held and cuddled. Both are pieds like momma, one being a grey pied and the other a cinnamon pied. These two boys are just too cute for words.
Zues is a gery split to pied male cockatiel. He was a baby of mine from one of my very first cockatiel pairs. I kept him back to breed because of his great personality and huge crest. He is a supurb father and is very bonded to his mate natasha.
I bought natasha to be zues's mate. She is a Cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel. She is very pretty and a great mother. It took her awhile, however, eventually she warmed up to zues.
Zues and Natasha
This is a picture of Zues and natasha together in their breeding cage. Where ever natasha is zues is right behind her. He is very protective of her when they are breeding.
Zues and natasha's babies
Here is a picture of zues and natasha's first babies. As you can see, they are very well fed and very cute. Faces only a mother could love. =)
This is sydney, one of zues and natasha's babies all grown up. He is a very sweet, very cute little boy, that loves to sit on your shoulder as you go about your daily actvities.
Assisted cockatiel hatch
This is one of Zues and Natasha's babies. I was inspecting nests one day and found that this chick was having trouble hatching. I quickly removed the egg from the nest. The chick had began to hatch and the membrane had dried. Basically he was stuck to the inside of the egg shell and could not move. I moistened the membrane and peeled a small bit of the shell away and he was able to push himself out.
***I DO NOT reccomend that anyone try to assist a hatch unless you really know what you are doing. I really didn't help him hatch out, this chick did all of the work, i just was there to moisten the membrane and make sure he was able to kick off the shell, as soon as he was out I placed him back in the nest to dry off. Helping chicks hatch is a very complicated process. If you aren't sure of what to do, the best thing to do is contact a breeder near you for advice, there are so many things can go wrong during an assisted hatch.
Assisted cockatiel hatch
Assisted cockatiel hatch
Assisted cockatiel hatch
Assisted cockatiel hatch

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